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Graphics, design



Our company is a new venture among domestic digital editing and translation agencies. Our goal is to develop a modern office which, through digitalization, desk-top publishing and graphic design, supported by the appropriate IT infrastructure, helps to achieve the editing needs and expectations which come up during the translation process.

Our Services

We aim to provide cost-effective and high-quality services to our clients, while supporting our translators with expertise, organizational and problem-solving abilities in their work. With our affordable prices, customer-friendly services and continuous availability, we offer our customers professional translation, editing, DTP, graphic design, photography, memory building, CAT and IT support!

In addition to the four main languages (Hungarian, English, German and French), we also provide specialized translation and translation services in the official languages of the European Union: we undertake the professional translation, proofreading, and editing of general, technical, business, financial, medical, legal, advertising and marketing texts. Our agency also provides official translation services: we can provide the source text, the finalized official translation, and the certificate we have prepared, all combined in electronic form to our clients. The certificate contains an electronic signature and a timestamp and certifies that the content of the source text and the translation are identical.

We undertake OCR processing, preparation for translation and editing of materials received in an uneditable format or uneditable graphics in Office applications. We ensure that the layout (font type, formatting, symbols, tables, figures, formulas, etc.) corresponds to the original document, creating a CAT-compatible version of the source file. If the source documents are created in DTP or graphic programs, we convert these files into a CAT-compatible format after preparation and finalize them after translation by post-editing. Before starting the printing work, we also perform proofreading tasks and produce the final interactive and print-ready files.

We undertake the preparation of corporate documentation, brochures, company presentations, advertising materials, flyers, from photography and photo retouching to the design of graphics, tables, diagrams, flowcharts, and the creation of an individual layout. We also specialize in logo design, corporate identity elements, software graphics, and custom font design, as well as the preparation of non-written media content for translation: descriptions, film subtitling, subtitle timing, and on-screen infographics.

Our data visualization services include the creation of presentations and infographics, interactive representation of statistical data, interactive visual representation of abstract data, as well as creating data-driven animation.